Ancient Greek Mythology
Tests students' knowledge of Greek myths
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24 Jan 2013
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06 Aug 2013
Elementary Economics
Students learn about choosing goods and services, identifying where goods and services are located in your community, how countries trade and move goods, making good decisions, demand and supply and bartering of goods and services
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10 Dec 2012
Map of Australia by Coralie Olesen
Students learn to arrange states and territories in Australia, to spell the names of the states and territories of Australia and to recognise the location of the states and territories of Australia
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07 Dec 2012
Students assemble a map of Australia and answer questions about flags and national icons
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07 Dec 2012
The American Revolution by Katie Oldenborg
An onscreen board game where students answer questions about the origins of the American Revolution to progress around the board
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06 Dec 2012
Continents and Oceans by Tzipporah Boim
Learn to locate continents and oceans on a world map
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06 Dec 2012
Captain Cook by S Gilkes
Interactive lesson containing sections on the transit of venus, the Endeavour, and Cook's exploration of Australia and New Zealand. Also contains links to videos and a virtual tour of the Endeavour
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28 Nov 2012