French Level 1 - The Verb To Go and Places by Kathleen McMahon
Introduces the french verb aller and its conjugations, as well as some place names.
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08 Feb 2013
What is a solution? By Dr E Christophy
Introduces solutions and how to find molarities
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20 Dec 2012
Elementary Economics
Students learn about choosing goods and services, identifying where goods and services are located in your community, how countries trade and move goods, making good decisions, demand and supply and bartering of goods and services
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10 Dec 2012
I'm Thankful for Verbs by Lori Reed
Students learn about verbs and practise identifying them in sentences
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06 May 2013
Plate Tectonics by Susie Edwards
Learn about plate tectonics and their movements
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07 Dec 2012
Introduction to Perimeter by Debbie Jones
Identify why and where perimeter is use, suitable tools and units for measuring it and students then practise measuring perimeter
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07 Dec 2012
Introduction to Grammar by Stacy Wells
Introduces students to nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives, and allows students a guided practise opportunity
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07 Dec 2012
Map of Australia by Coralie Olesen
Students learn to arrange states and territories in Australia, to spell the names of the states and territories of Australia and to recognise the location of the states and territories of Australia
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07 Dec 2012
Ten Frames by Kellie Gaffney
Understand the ones and tens positions and the numerals 10-20
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07 Dec 2012
Metaphors and Similes by Irene Pickle
Learn to distinguish between metaphors and similes and to use both figures of speech effectively in writing
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07 Dec 2012