Perimeter by Kelly Cannizzo
Teacher will introduce the topic of perimeter to the class while students interact with the lesson to check for understanding. Students will be able to describe what perimeter means and what tools are used to measure it. Students will have the opportunity to measure for perimeter in inches as well as identify objects where perimeter can be measured.
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04 Dec 2012
Measuring Madness - by Kellie Gaffney
Understanding the difference between tall and long
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29 Nov 2012
Angles - by Cristy Holtzclaw
Identifying parts and types of angles, measuring and creating specific angles, recognising angles in real life objects
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29 Nov 2012
Prisms vs Pyramids by Corry Thompson
Identifying the properties of prisms and pyramids
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29 Nov 2012
Addition with Regrouping by Leslie MacGillivray
Explore and record patterns related to addition and subtraction
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29 Nov 2012
Addition Calculations by Becky Diesel
Organise animals into similar groups while writing and solving addition problems
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29 Nov 2012
Algebra Addition Grid
Activity involving addition of algebraic expressions.
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15 Nov 2012
Baseball Subtraction
Basic subtraction exercises with a baseball theme
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09 Aug 2012