Metaphors and Similes by Irene Pickle
Learn to distinguish between metaphors and similes and to use both figures of speech effectively in writing
Icon_download 5      Icon_age 9 - 11     
07 Dec 2012
Story Stew
Introduces character development, setting and the plot in a story using a recipe analogy
Icon_download 3      Icon_age 10 - 14     
04 Dec 2012
Introduction to Paragraph Writing by Irene Pickle
Students learn the basic concepts of writing paragraphs and understand and recognise the essential parts of a paragraph. Contains learning material followed by an interactive review section
Icon_download 3      Icon_age 7 - 12     
04 Dec 2012
Letter Sort by Kellie Gaffney
Students distinguish the initial sounds of words and sort them by beginning sound using pictures and letters
Icon_download 3      Icon_age 4 - 7     
04 Dec 2012
Literature Game by Bethany McCormack
A question-answer game with questions on the topic of literature and reading comprehension terms. Can be adapted to fit any subject type.
Icon_download 3      Icon_age 8 - 11     
04 Dec 2012
Noun Hunt - by Lara Ernsting
Sort pictures and words into three noun categories, distinguish between common and proper nouns
Icon_download 1      Icon_age 5 - 9     
29 Nov 2012
Apostrophes In Action by Lori Reed
The three rules for using apostrophes, identifying apostrophe usage and types in a sentence
Icon_download 2      Icon_age 6 - 9     
29 Nov 2012
Adjective-Noun Riddles by Karena DeYoung
Using nouns, adjectives, synonyms and rhymes to create and illustrate riddles.
Icon_download 3      Icon_age 7 - 11     
29 Nov 2012
Alliteration by Eryn Dearden
Students explore alliteration by ordering silly rhyming sentences.
Icon_download 4      Icon_age 4 - 9     
28 Nov 2012
Fridge Alphabet
Workbook containing cloned letters of the alphabet that can be dragged onto a 'fridge' to create words.
Icon_download 6      Icon_age 3 - 6     
09 Aug 2012